Poem – “As Beauty Singes Herself” – Romanticism – 12/4/2020

Hold back your head,
Sway your arms,
Breathe miles of sweetness
To Heaven.

I bury a kiss in your red-tinted lips,
Holding a halo in my hand
To crown you

The jewel
Among my darkness.

Water glimmers on your hazed eyes,
While sweat runs from shoulders
In the barren heat.

Your heart plunders a new birth
Of itself, in the fog.

You are
As reflections, in the dust,
Where I may settle myself
In the grain,
Holding hands with my own pain.

Your hair,
A burning curtain,
With your hands
Of ivory smoke,
Center grasps and strokes
On the legs wrapped in lace.

Sweet aromas,
Cherry cheeks,
Finality in the quickest sweep
Of herself, in arms, unending
To dine, on everything divine.