Poem – “Why I’m Weak” – Romanticism – 12/4/2020

When upon the deepest melody
I can hold you
Entangled in the notes
That fall against my ears?

I am only ever running waters
When your song is to hear,
Loving as the moon is quiet
Upon a harboring night
That carries windswept emotions
Across glades and fields,
Burning into dust.

Your face,
A soothing sadness
To cover up
With hands as milk-white cloth,
Freezing tears beneath snow,
Leaving tracks for my awakening.

For you are a light as the night crawls aside,
Showing my path

In places my feet weigh down
With depression’s ache.

Are you living among these ruins?

Rotten apples,
Stewing rivers of porcelain
Dropping melted remnants of eyes
To the rocks.

Love is now yours to light
When you can wrap the world
In bended sight.