Poem – “He Sought After Skies” – Romanticism – 12/5/2020

Engrained in bread,
Flesh of the unapparent hedge
Trimmed to the bloody hand,
Folding about the clock
Without grasp
Of time’s whistling flow.

He stares
From sunlit East
To moonlit West,
Watching how Fathers bend
A fragile, scarred knee,
And how Mothers
Drop their heads to weep.

A cross to its delicate frame
Capturing the man,
Broken and stone-less,
Losing savior’s tears.

A calling
That never leaves,
While mouths attract flies,
Full of bitterness
To undiscovered sickness
Where cures do not arrive.

Gentle eyes,
A mother’s reprieve
To wounds that waltz a direction
For a man, to distant Heaven.

Cured of belief,
To see, with eyes upon skies,
Passing clouds of engraved uncertainty
To make the mile more treacherous

Stumbling over rivers
Cold to the bone of their touch.

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