Poem – “With Eyes that do not Leave” – Romanticism – 12/5/2020

Holding down
The storm from your bloody birth,
As you lost tears in this disarray.

I want to ignite you
In the blinding flash
Of places, elsewhere you know not
Of smiles, raising the tips
To a frigid horizon.

I love to hold you
In the spheres,
In the merciless heat,
Finding poignancy
Where love
Knows not its origin.

So many tears
I have swept,
Like grains to the open sea,
With countless more
To make me bleed,
Laying on the depleted banks,
Spending countless summers
Seeing only winter.

Now to hope
Of symmetry that does not crack
As smiles that broke
Into frowns.
Now to wish
For the guiding star
To push me closer
To where love does not war.

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