Poem – “Where Love Rises Once More” – Romanticism – 12/12/2020

Laid gently
In arms,
Porcelain to the occasion
Where summer has set its final sun,
As winter has released a spark,
A pluming bit of ash
Stretched over your mouth
Where comes my tragedy.
I pull you into
Closeness, once more.

Your beautiful, buried body
Now leaving this scene of entanglement,
While I arrange the flowers in your hair,
Dine upon kisses,
I do dare.

The scene of melody
Where hearts thump, rapidly,
Of yours, unto mine,
That I wished for, to come alive.

One glowing life,
A place among powder, for death.
I give to grief
My best regards,
Knowing little, I shall sleep.

Your face,
A summer’s breath,
One more triumph to my song
Of wails,
With tears to the dirt.
My love,
Overgrown with plague,
My heart,
Shadowed over by an endless future,
With a ghost at my side.

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