Poem – “The Usual Departure” – Romanticism – 12/12/2020

She gave steps
Easily enough,
Sought for the same symptom
Of loud-beating hearts,
Entanglement of voices,
Secrets bent on broken wings.

Love coils her,
A little burn upon her shoulder,
With empty, serene instruction
Of God, to an assumption

That life can cross galaxies
Where secrets do not shatter.

Her hands, held out,
With the remnants of dolls.
Stilled heart, of hers
Sold waves for the ocean
That lifted her feet,
That brought her eyes down
In drenching sleet.

The usual departure
Of something undertowing,
Painfully forgotten
As two steps into an ocean,
Where remembrances collide
With sweat-covered weeds.

Lust holds her neck steady,
Saving motions for the bedside.
Her secrets are to a feverish heart,
As glimpses for watered-down remains.

By her bed, I do carry
A life-bucket of something soiled,
Something boiled,
And was never embedded
In the lantern that lit her void,
In the void that swallowed her light.

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