Poem – “By Every Wasteful Eulogy” – Romanticism – 12/15/2020

I cannot count
Each raindrop,
Each fallen petal
From your unabashed eyes.
You wield such guilt
With eternal freedom.
A crown of ebony
Holds your neck up high.

What are these roses
Upon a folding of papers?
They have more words
Than I could recollect.
No more sinister trophies
Of death,
Will I dream for you,
Will I will for you.

Oh, tired angel,
Destroyed of wings,
Though young of heart.
You gave me plenty of streams,
To wash my filthy hands.
You stained me with your waters
Un-wanting to go,
To leave from your veins.

Dissipating funerals,
Sorrow and wed-locks
Where each thing comes true,
Crossed upon edges of crystal paper
Immaculate to become
The slightest shade of dinge.

Your words, I leap for,
To hug the rocks
Where the brook stops to stay itself,
Where the bridge drops
To break itself.
Your words, I sing for,
To hear each crashing sound
In the debris of nothing found.

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