Poem – “Holding you in Darkness” – Romanticism – 12/22/2020

Waking up,
Seeing the sun,
Comprehending the waves
Shattering against the rocks
Of my engrained heart.

All love
Is a keenness,
Staring to your shoulders,
Knowing the weight atop them,
Finding where
Curtains can be pulled back
To empty a solitary kiss.

The world folds a closeness about,
With the aura of a distant sun
Where dreams are as the ivy,
Not poisoned.
I cave
Into you,
Stinging myself with tears.

I sense a wilderness,
One departure of a leaf,
As autumn breaks into the skyline
The fires upon our awakening
To the sun’s great holiness.

Holding you in remaining darkness,
Sweeping shadows away
In the light we have gathered
To the newest day.