Poem – “Losing to the Streams” – Romanticism – 12/22/2020

By endless vowels,
Taken to the consonants,
Kept to the endings.
All evenness
Becomes the oddness,
Lasted upon your gentle smile,
Where wishes become ordinary,
As tears become extraordinary.

You have a face where love
Does not remain
To keep
Smiles, together.
Fractures please you
In the earthen graves,
As scenery is to the astute,
While deserts are to the new.

Your blindness,
Your kindness,
Feeble of eyes,
Golden of heart.
Streams gather your petals,
Your leaves,
Fallen from boughs, stretched
To the ever-infinite.

Can you hold all your words,
As you lie to your heart?
The world has many an aura,
Many a fantasy
To see you rotting among spiders,
To hold you in fading arms,
Where faces, so perplexed,
Find you weeping.