Poem – “An Hour of Admiration” – Romanticism – 12/23/2020

Hold yourself there,
Think not so fast
Of things sure to collapse
Against your figure in the light,
While canvas captures,
As hands command.

You are the pinnacle of all I know,
The dream envisioned, sure to show
My messages of admiration
Given thus,
Rest atop your breast,
Your place in the dust.

A dying orphanage, caught aflame,
Kept you here
In your name,
For the children spoke endlessly
Of sounds you deplored, humorously.
As one gave a word,
You gave a third
Step towards the door of your freedom.

Of beauty bandaged, exquisitely,
Fields of lust, captured harmoniously.
Your eyes see the circles,
Before tiredness
Awakens you.

Of beauty wrapped and adorned,
Sealed in casket,
Slender and worn,
May you find yourself infamous
Upon the ever-growing canvas,
For your flame,
To your name,
For your shame.