Poem – “Don’t Die, Beautiful” – Romanticism – 12/23/2020

Do not fade
From arms, wide as the Earth,
Entangling you, in your birth.
Do not release
From spaces, you might drown,
With eyes, with ease
Of pain that makes you shut
The world you look upon.

Have I been the betterment
To your future?
For your breaths, I have extended
The moments, the hours,
Into a world that never triumphs.

The fields you look upon,
The castles placed atop
Slender orchards, and moonlit oceans,
Shut themselves to darkness
Before I breathe a kiss into your stars.

A final waste of preciousness,
As no more steps shall take the beauty
Upon the Earth’s scenery.

You had something more,
As I now have something less,
And more less, than ever before.