Poem – “Forever, Woman” – Romanticism – 12/30/2020

Favor yourself,
The deepest sleep
Has settled yourself
Upon sheets,
As beauty tempts you back
To see the winds across your cheeks
Let free from my mouth,
Still of taste to your tears.

You drown, here,
In oceans wide, and fragrant
With the scents of your grace,

As I
Am stalled here
In the breath of your taking face,
By captivation to seal all wounds,
As love never again cries.

Savor yourself,
Capture the winds
I have sentenced
Down to the four limbs of you.
Laid here,
You are, with rising breast,
With rose to cheeks,
Burgundy to lips.

I can shatter a storm
Above your mind,
Letting clouds to become ash,
As thunder becomes a wilted morsel,
To each kiss laid upon the white,
Porcelain flesh
Of you, in the blue of this sea
That never drowns you too deep.

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