Poem – “Ingrown, in Love” – Romanticism – 12/30/2020

Let us twist,
In arms, together and apart,
Like hearts that cannot weep
Without remembrance
To moments where circles
Become the spheres to which
We find the other
Half-way upon the ocean.

As vines
With decay to each fallen apple,
With remnants in the shattered earth,
Of hearts to the broken streams
Leaked free from eyes,
Kissing all the farewells to entrances
Of love with roses in arms.

Let us kiss
Sweetness from our very tongues,
To beauty’s defeat,
Among love’s triumph,
To dine on the other,
Of bodies set in the stone,
While death gives us a bed
To swim towards the edge.

Do you love
With each broken finger
You have wrapped around the stems
Keeping us afloat?

Do you see
With eyes that nourish soil
In tears, leaving from fears,
Kept and wasted?

How dark is your side
Of the moon?

How warm is the sun
When drowned in my tides?

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