Poem – “Hold your Heart Out” – Romanticism – 12/30/2020

Hold what leaves,
The precious denial
You’ve been keeping,
Like roses attached to thorns,
With your kindness, too long
In the many places it stands
To keep the earth,
Sodden fresh.

With little care to desert yourself,
You come whole
To the arrows that lick your neck,
To the faces that guide your trek
Down the dirt-roads that never moistened
Past where each loyalty departs,
As the roses covered by their nakedness,
Of petals in the ivy.

You lost a whole home,
Imagined to be your kingdom.
The lost vase,
The last face
To see you go,
To see you return
Back to arms, uncovered by ash,
While wind turns to see your tears.

The many scenes
You shed to go
Down the path of finality,
Is once an image of eternity
To become singularity,
And remain the swell of calamity.