Poem – “Each Page of our Love” – Romanticism – 12/30/2020

Can you count
Roadblocks in the sand?
The sea has weathered itself,
By each triumph we have beckoned
With hands held out
To catch fallen droplets,
With the noose about our necks
Locking temptation in place.

For we may speak
Without uttering words.
Of our eyes,
To our emitted stare,
We fold the other in arms
Wide as the ocean returns words,
As the sky notices how we tremble
More than the leaves beneath our feet.

There are sounds,
There are guises,
These are spellbinding us
For uplifted moods,
Among downtrodden states,
Losing successes,
To the failures of tomorrow.

Can we believe
In love that mocks the future?
Its tones, that surely break
The light for our eagerness
To walk on water,
To wade through our tears,
Past the sadness.

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