Poem – “The Greatest of Heavenly Contours” – Romanticism – 1/1/2021

Loosened lace
Stretched about you,
As the ropes for your Heavenly form,
Turned sideways for my eyes,

As grace shifts for this weary world
Of ours,
Where teardrops set themselves
Against the rug.

You appear,
With eyes of a glance
To hover upon rose to a face
So wondrous, in expression,
Entranced, to the dance
Of yourself, in the skip
Of God’s heart.

A body
Moving with arrangement
Of all folds,
Of each curve
Where fragrance mixes

In the strands of your fruitful hair,
Blossomed about shoulders
And neck.

Twist yourself,
Caress yourself
To undress yourself
Of remaining garments.
One by one,
To the floor, to be tossed
At my feet.

Lay your eyes in my heart,
To lay your form against the sun.