Poem – “Yearning for your Safety” – Romanticism – 1/1/2021

I want
Where waters never
Cover you,
To be the plainest vessel
Afloat for my journey
To see you set,
To keep you kept
In arms, that nourish you,
For eyes, that remember you
In a mind that translates you.

Facing waves,
Hovering upon glances
That never look to your direction,
Waves of mercy
That eventually recede,
Upon the deck, atop you,
As I am before the helm to steer you
From danger’s walking steps.

Place your head in my hands,
Keep your tears flowing,
Keep yourself singing
For the pages where love does not
Surrender to the flame,
The might of destruction.

Keep your joys as our flood,
Keep your senses as our love,
Make music with dancing petals
Within the tune of what bleeds
From eyes of deep-blue melody,
Of the tune that forsakes malady.

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