Poem – “Wrapped in your Silence” – Romanticism – 1/4/2021

One world,
Too small
Cannot count the radiant teardrops
Creating rivers upon my cheeks,
Bountiful in the lakes they create,
By one love
Kept to broken rooms
Of silence, left to weeping
Faces I show you not,
Too demonic to bare,

Too forceful to share.

I hold a wound,
A crevice that will not close.
Your love has been there,
Your dream has come aware,
A moon has replaced the sun,
While the tides have replaced the rift
Sweeping the debris back to sea.

Fresh salt,
Of constant toil, to make it work,
Where sadness cannot be the result
To the task
Of loving where the dark eclipses
More light than there are
Shades atop your eyes.

Your memory close,
As broken wings against
A broken man.