Poem – “Faces Hidden in a Window” – Romanticism – 1/4/2021

Bless your curse,
Sweet one of no remorse,
The love between you and I
Has come crawling short.
We dance
With fervency to mimic a void,
Of attire made in black
Traces to what we lack.

Loving you,
Beauty of nearest shore,
Has been a harmony
In a heart of my own,
Hurled forth to be shown.
Now from emptiness’s hollow stream,
Comes solace through a gentle gleam.

The ruin you find most pleasant
Is there to be
Next to jealousy.
The answers that lay in wait
To pounce upon the season that never hates,
Of Spring’s wind to hold you high,
Near to the sun, next to the sky.

I hold
In a stone’s throw,
The heart to which a serpent showed,
Yours, kindly

Round, though not soft,
Bleeding out, what may shout
The song of wrath, in searing loft.

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