Poem – “Carrying you Beneath the Sun” – Romanticism – 1/6/2021

To a phrase, for repetition’s sake.
Light a candle near to
Your bedside,
Draping your hair over
Emptiness in my arms.
For you breathe,
No more.

What love
Burned deeper holes in the scars,
Left upon the moon?

What silence
Pangs a dread through to me,
Once with love’s divinity?

Your eyes,
Concealed of truth,
For tiredness has made them closed
Of lids to shelter them
Outside of song,
Escaped from where you belong.

Oh, stare,
Remain to the written flare
Of a word or phrase,
Sealing life in its slewed gaze.
One expression of love,
Broken of bread, made for the dead,
Where romance glistens
As absence hastens.

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