Poem – “Holding Roses for Thorns” – Romanticism – 1/5/2021

What dream
Sparkles such radiance
For eyes to see,
For senses to believe
That love can be true by the miles
I take, with your hand in mine
To explore, the extent of you?

Believing ourselves
Selfish, by discarded trust,
As enemies to dust.
What have we
Other than for the vision we see
With two eyes, beholding destiny?

Not one moment more
To your lips,
For we had swore
Of vows, to make us plentiful
In night, to evenly recollect
Shapes we did neglect,
For the Heaven we did select.

A shelter for two,
Of love that elevates you,
Descends me
To see
The shape of you.
With grace, the moon allows

Us the stillness, to remain.