Poem – “A Place where Love Belongs” – Romanticism – 1/9/2021

My eyes close
To reopen
Upon an aching realm,
Where hands shatter before they are clasped
In the deepest prayer between others.

Thoughts may overlap,
Though nothing collects
With the beauties that make us poignant,
Make us sure
For the stars that ascend, in the dark.

We believe,
Though we keep to be
The recollections as weapons,
The miniscule tides
Upon the driven shores,
As pettiness swallows
The poison that never upheaves.

Overcast dark,
Neptune’s might,
A farewell to an old friend
Who met his untimely end.
A face that never falls
Through words that recede with a call,
A simple procession,
An ample confession.

What aches
In this world of ash,
As what breaks
Within fields, where we clash?

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