Poem – “Oh, Winterly Sobs” – Romanticism – 1/14/2021

To be
The gateway
To cover herself with the flakes
Of coldness,
Whitening cheeks
With heavy frost.

Still to be, great with beauty
For all things I love of she.

With dying might,
Of beaming fright
She sends sounds to my direction,

As sickness
Is now my alteration.

A winter in her eyes,
As autumn is in mine.
Frost shall come
To weigh the heavy heart of no one.

Old among the finality
Of moments, where youth passes
On a long brook
Between her trembling fingers.

Hands before her eyes,
While winter leaks through her cries,
A grace of no disgrace,
A beauty of a season’s cruelty.

Hold, now,
My love,

The arrangement of your hair
In order.
Features come undone of you,
Radiating without something new

Of the future’s bare hope.

For I cannot find
Words enough kind

To bring you
A world, more blue

To the hue
Of a season that can sing
Of the eternal spring.

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