Poem – “The Eagerness of Closeness” – Romanticism – 1/15/2021

Hold, now,
What lasts upon its little pathway
Beneath the bleeding aura
Of the faintest sun.
For a candle has been lit
To see the signal
That life shall move with the heaviness
Of distant, dark shadows.

Your hand in mine,
A hope to find

In the meadows of our forgotten Heaven,
Where we can take
To the light, when losing our way.

The faces that display
Themselves, in the densest clouds,
Hold upright
The disembarking tears.

To simply leave where we have sailed,
To gather the ocean at our feet,
To hold Neptune close to Mars,

To weep in the battlefields
Of the calling heart.

Hope holds high
Our creations, on the horizon.
Our very walked shore

Singing, and stinging
Our eyes with white sand.

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