Poem – “Disconnected Gravity” – Romanticism – 1/17/2021

Count these stars.
For they
Remind you of the many
Traces of an element,
To earth, with its close faces,
Broken into sand,
Awakening on the shores
Of eternal forgiveness.

I am here
To hold your hand
That gives way to glass,
That shatters
From where
You held the ocean, far apart
With the moon to give you tears,
With trust, in togetherness.

You are
Fallen upon a sword,
Dreaming of the wicked
Tongues to graft you
In their scheme.
You feel
What fades, so close
Of a face, with snow.

Break bread
Down the ocean, apart
From your scarred arms,
Leaving the sicknesses awake
In the remembrances that forget you,
As you wield the bleak
Erosion upon the debris.

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