Poem – “Her Heart, the Heaviness” – Romanticism – 1/17/2021

Rose-red cheeks,
With remnants
To which she seeks,
Outside of eyes, so wide
With the vision of something
That never left
Upon the ocean, so vast,
Carrying her tears,
As not a bath of itself
To wash her fears.

Love reveals you
Something to give a note
More than the sympathies upon your heart.
Here is no more than a symphony
To confuse the feelings you cart
From destination to resignation,

As beauty unseals you,
As gravity breaks you to unneeded freedom
From the arms that gathered you.

An ocean of dust
To hold you afloat,
A place where eyes can find you
With scorn to every warmth.
No more to comprehend
Of the waves
Never able to save
The scenery it cannot help
Though to flood of faces, so similar.

A tear hanging
From your shaking finger,
With a flame at the end of itself
To touch the heart
That yearns to break for something
Made for entire hands,
Kept for whole arms.

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