Poem – “Holding the Rose Tighter” – Romanticism – 1/18/2021

Simple woman,
With dreams to bare
In quilts, unshared
To the men who stood to stare
Upon you, in the droplets,
The fair
Face of forgetfulnes.

Hold the rose tighter
In the arms, to leave your words
Written in surest might,
Discarded upon the thorns,
Creating your pull
To where Hell feeds you the horns.
To make you matter in the sin,
To sting your cheeks with the tears,
To keep you ungrown
With these identifying fears.

When love bequeaths a tragedy,
Comprehend it
As your savagery.
A rose with many imprints
Of your lips,
Of your kiss
Upon the leaves,
On everything that leaves,
Embracing thorns,
Near everything that hurts.

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