Poem – “Your Siren Call” – Romanticism – 1/27/2021

Here is where I swallow
The waters of the sea.
Teardrops falter, in the gallop
Of horses, too pained
To move.

Here is where sadness breaks
From a tidal wave to the shoreline,
Cresting a peak

Of my eternal love, to be sunken
Before reaching
The ever-discolored grains of sand.

One droplet, of much more
To wait for,
Among bluest hearts, to purple skies,
Of windswept tides, to storms that sever
The bonds closest to start.

A certain voyage,
One spellbound future
To the call of your emergence,
By the emergency of a siren.
One lonely wail
To the heart, towards the sails.

I yank the strings from this orb,
The blades from the grass,
With the grass from the earth.

I pull loose the strands from the dusk
Of my heart with its descended sunshine,
Never settling in the dream for long.

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