Poem – “The Place where Love was Buried” – Romanticism – 1/27/2021

Unending tears
By dreams, next to a winter beach,
Finding fame
Where I could not name
Cruel eyes from the simple cries.

I claim the great sadness
Poured free
As any storm,
As my mind was dug up
To drift upon the darkest cloud.

I see smog where should be fog
From the loneliest vessel
To plume the black,
Of veins where stupor segregates

The red from the deepest dread.

Forming waves at my wake,
Casting an anchor, forever.

Nothing moves,
Save for the slowest pulse
To keep me steered at no endeavor.

A mere circle to my make
Of direction to undertake.
Twin eyes that bloom bright
The great triumph of lost sight.

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