Poem – “Wash my Pain” – Romanticism – 1/31/2021

Lay your kisses deep

In the puddles of where I’ve laid
Hollow, broken structures
Of my imminent disuse
Solace and scorn
Merges as sunset and sunrise,
While a few pebbles
Create the eclipse

Upon a surface, most shallow.
For I know
Of a place no one goes.

I know of a room
Where feelings are kept
In rotting books,
Of worshipped words,
A failure’s ascension.
Nothing saves
The broken man of his wreckage
In a soul, parted, forsaken of love.

Lay your garments low
To dress the floor in your scent,
And raise from myself
The love I kept beneath
All my scattered ruin.

Crimson blossoms from open wounds,
Desperate attempts to please
The lowest trials, for the sickest man
Whose sobs could never ease.

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