Poem – “Anger Between the Heartstrings” – Romanticism – 2/9/2021

Braid my lips,
Taste the poison
That crosses my tongue.
The world divides
Between us,
Amidst oceans created by tears,
Among wars caused by fears.
Pain engulfs us
In the mighty torrent.

Just a shared blossom
For us to bow low to,
Among sung songs
Spilled from echoing hearts,
Heard as lifelike notes
Plucked upon the strings, so delicate
In the birth of old beginnings.

Bestowed tragedy
The world can give us,
Wrapped in paper and ribbons,
Though our kisses shall not matter
A simple moment more.

I love,
Though fire welcomes me.
I love,
Though the treasure surrounds me
That I do not swim to take.

In these hands,
All that is left are worn bandages
Bloodied by misused kisses
Upon the wrong image.

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