Poem – “Keep Clinging to the Glacier” – Romanticism – 2/8/2021

Keep your eyes
Your arms
Scarred by the sun’s droplets
Of warmth

On everywhere your face departs,
On all folds of flame
You reject, with the twist.

I bleed,
Though the red goes missing.
I decay,
Though the yellow and flashes of orange
Are simple cries
Into difficult blindness.

You bond your stilled self
To the trying coldness
I have come to name it.
Sicken yourself
On the remaining waste,
And attract dew to the end of a glacier.

I come crying
With animosity for trying times.
I come
Whimpering to your halo.
I walk with weights of flesh,
Flesh of weight,
Bloated and fattened
By the desertion of desired light.

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