Poem – “Stones upon the Surface” – Romanticism – 2/16/2021

Moons that bring cold

To the glowing mouths,
Parted for the gleaming night.

For the face that stays
To see patience,
Eager in engulfing silence.

He holds a ring
At the same length
He holds a tooth,
For a bird upon wings,

As exchange for the sum.

Suns, with rest
Upon the glaciers.

Mounted rocks,
Gold that sways, in flame
Sequence of days,
Desertion of night,

Stilled life upon waiting hours.

She holds her cross,
Rosery to a neck

With no kisses
To make the mark,
Same as that upon her heart.

Merry walk-off
To faded moonlight

Where disease is the embrace,
As love grows the great monument.

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