Poem – “Hollow Shelter” – Romanticism – 3/10/2021

From the moon’s aperture,
As tears soak the gentle night
Of its entire warmth,
Holding hands with a sculpture
Feeling coldness, all around.

Grief watches the self
Of mirrored glances in the skies,
Sending cries
To the curves of the universe.
Whisking scenery close,
As love blew the final kiss
Off the furthest cliff.

Somber sculpture
With the rain, of eyes
That never show true pain,
As isolated droplets present
Their soft decline
Down to the most mournful
Place in time.

This hand of mine,
Held upon the hardened flesh
Of perhaps a corpse
Or a carving,
Ridicules my sanity.
As buds surround, in their finest bed
Of soil, for the newly-dead.

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