Poem – “River of Wine” – Romanticism – 3/10/2021

Blankets of warmth,
As baskets bring flowers
Atop what has died,
The heart, said to be stopped
For the good of the world.

Yet, its beat was to stay
In place of the eyes
That took to its ill-white veins
A horrid form of symmetry
As rhythms broke the countless
Miniscule reverbs of time.

Its beat, of not the decay
To the surrounding image
Of still-life, wandering through
To the sadness of the other side,
Where helplessness
Shines, too.

A roaring torrent,
With rivers of wine
Flowing gently
Across the pallid, blue sky
Where bleak thunderstorms
Threaten us to die.

An image,
One that surrounds the colors
Of famous hands
That took to the blood,
Drank of the wine.

Presenting the dam that would
Silence an echo, stammer a beat.

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