Poem – “Lost in your Skin” – Romanticism – 3/18/2021

Great fragrance,
Warm remembrance
Of what once was
In the fog of ever-blue evenings
Where you rain what is left
Of cruelty in your heart.

Holding hands, now
With an empty frame,
As the space
Near to me, in the rain
Once laid the porcelain figure
With cheeks as red
As the descension of a sun,
With eyes as sad
As the lifting moon.

Waking in flame,
While the morning brings
No heat to idle shame.
Waiting in her puddles
For crowded streets to clear
That I might notice her, near.

Just a hand that reaches
Out for one more bite,
One more stretch
In the great seat to conceit,
Where we bury kisses
In the trenches of our hearts.

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