Poem – “Burning Books in a River” – Love Poetry – 3/23/2021

Watching as you cross
Streaming, blue memories,
While each page, caught at the edge
Unleashes the cruelest departure,
Torn at all ends,
Breaking vows with the boughs
From high above, in those wind-torn
Parts of earthly Heavens.

Bare nudity in the trees,
Great silver pouring from the moon,
There I was to curve you
With idle caresses, falling through.
Adjacent to the born swarm
Of whispers in the silent swaying
To the river that flows, unaware
To the ways of unborn love.

Weeping to add
More than a singular,
Trembling river.
Fading my mind in the reflection,
Burning books in its direction
Towards a lake, where farewells
Are collected as remnants
Of a time upon solid earth.

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