Poem – “Why did you Run?” – Love Poetry – 3/23/2021

Beneath the exquisite rays
Of the moon’s sighing solace,
Winds surround,
As we dreamed of holding hands
Tightly upon a sound,
Gazing with breaths taken
Towards the breathtaking sight.

Lakes afloat with mist,
With boats, of a guide at the oars
Plodding his delicate course
Over the reflections of old memories,
Seeing the sun always fading.
Did he remind you of anything?

When you took the plunge
Into the great, cold night,
Was there ever a sound
As a heart that rained
With the delicate pearls, frozen stars,
With the pieces of stagnant moments?

I can dare you to return
Upon a sound of my breath,
Though lost in the winds
Of a forest that erases your tracks.
Empty heart,
Walking with the same limp
To my feet that never followed.

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