Poem – “As I Keep Sobbing” – Grief Poetry – 3/24/2021

Footsteps hollowed into the earth,
Broken, feeble, acute sorrows,
Aching stomach,
Among the symptoms of remorse.
I sob to the tune of a heart,
Singing tremors
Never forming the ripples
In the lake
Beneath these feet.

Footsteps that keep forming
Winter’s burial
In the mud,
Within the poverty
Of the stinging mind,
Staging the act where smiles
Are kept,
Weeping in forests
Where birds come, to recollect.

Bleeding crimson
In the memories, departed
From the unliving self,
Wording pain as another drop
In this storm of watering rain,
Growing stems
Never for the climb
Up towards Heaven,
To great blessings of time.

I walk with feet
Heavier than this heart,
With footsteps for winter’s grave,
Weeping stones above the sights,
Singing with a mouth
With breaths, never warm.

Smiling for no reason,
Drifting on towards no season
Of change, in the improvement of mood.
No sudden arrival of a birth,
Raising from the puddles
Leaked from this distress.

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