Poem – “Weeping through the Clouds” – Grief Poetry – 3/24/2021

Open heart,
Wanted, yet buried,
Desired, though fired
From the elimination of total death.
Remembrance has you sailing
Across the skyline,
Weeping a puddle in your hands,
Saving a crystallized moment.

As sparks send you moving
On a pathways
Towards the inches
Where sunrise holds the fable
Of ourselves, crossing to newer
And timeless elevations.

Weeping through treetops,
As branches scatter
Seeds from a forgotten forever,
As new life is your token
To echo towards a simple savior
Who allows an existence
Worth knowing
And not saving.

Walking in reddened circles,
Flashing forward through your eyes,
While the world opens high-beams
To send grief towards the sun,
Waking alarms to the cities undone
As sadness is swept towards curtains.

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