Poem – “The Boat to Find you” – Love Poetry – 4/2/2021

Wandering towards an endless vision,
Nuptial eyes upon an ocean to cross,
Dressed in faces for which I am hidden,
With cruelest voices, in bleakest loss.

Moon above angles towards my pairing,
Pale bliss contrasting with the sight
Where winter yearns in slender staring
Behind one face that takes the night.

To my boat, I briskly sail
With wonderment that never elates
Beyond the frozen ever-gale
Where teeming sadness always states,

“Turn your motions to the back
Where love cannot just speak,
As you soak the waters to slack
I cry more, from where you seek.”

Her voice, the vision of betterment
Drives me to sink to ocean’s earth,
Walking in depth, outside of wonderment
No longer signaling for the birth.

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