Poem – “Woman of All Beauty” – Love Poetry – 4/2/2021

Watered down of your smile,
Entrenched are the curls to cheeks
With shadows here for the mile
I take you into the blessed sweep.

Of arms burned by the light,
Fabled promises kept to see
What keeps rings inside the trunk.

Signals are for kisses bright,
Finding all to be believed
In depth of softness, where we sunk.

Iron curtains of glimpses heavy
With saddest places of former glories,
A bandage peeled for hearts to worry,
While sickness spread in heartfelt stories.

Drowning pages that drew us close
Next to sleep inside the wreck
Where hearts war, as minds run.

A fortress crafted of beauty’s dose,
Loving eyes across the trek
Where you flow, where you shun.

The teeming nation of enveloped pride
Sees sickness where others stir,
A love drawn black, kept aside
For beauty’s arrangement in the blur.

Here for worms to drink of silver breast,
For death beyond to come undone
Of what is held for me to release.

These waves that curl, unlike the tress
That stills the sea, blood, and sun,
While tears dry of what did cease.

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