Poem – “Within you, about you” – Love Poetry – 4/4/2021

Walk in your kind symmetry
As seasons seek to change you.
You are a glimpse of temptation,
Stalking what despondence leaves
Soaked upon the ground, unseen.
Grass blades bend themselves in gravity
Weighted in the great future.

All dreams of you had been spun
To all that would be undone.

Love rows a boat to your shore,
Leaving letters for awaiting hands,
For a smile that never sheds.
Among the tears to cripple fates
From bitter men of inborn song
To ignite the moon in great waste
For where they could belong.

Your face as a radiance to the sun,
While you remain to be won.

Leaves buried in your mind
While curtains are drawn aside
To allow entry of old memories
Within the silk of softest skin.
While the world escalates at night,
Bleed on without much pleasure
Restored upon your aching sight.

A smile quickened to be sung
From grief’s throat in being wrung.

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