Poem – “Fulfillment in our Eyes” – Love Poetry – 4/27/2021

How cometh the rain
When all falls down in pain,
When the rapids swarm knees,
During the wash of old tears?
Blood runs,
Though nothing bleeds,
Hearts hurt,
While everything kneels
Among this blackish terrain.

Within our eyes,
Where storms are our companions,
Love reigns,
As the heart rains.
A great mixture
Of grief and disbelief,
A potency
Of sorrow and the denial
That we are here.

Give me rain,
As you might
Bring across your stain
Of faces, that tremble in sight
Of memorials, unforgotten.

Of gardens, basked
In the dewdrops of old tears,
In the great weather
Of winter’s old fears,
While snow rides down
Comfortably into our arms.

You are,
As we will
Always grow
In sight of both clarity
And devastation.

3 thoughts on “Poem – “Fulfillment in our Eyes” – Love Poetry – 4/27/2021”

    1. My poetry is mainly a “stream of consciousness” effort. So… yes, it’s mostly the former, in what you said, that keeps me going with it. However, it goes from the first two lines to the first stanza that keeps me going with the rest.

      I say “mostly”, because I also use the title, which I write first, as the theme behind the poem.


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