Poem – “While the World never Matters” – Love Poetry – 4/28/2021

Can we forget,
Can we displace
Ourselves from the in-between,
As we burn on
With iron in our bloodstream?
Our love,
As eyes are upon the skies,
Stealing stars
For the existence of the moon,
Coveting the dark.

Holding on,
With sunlight never too stale
For us to make pale,
With our fingers staining the afterlife
Of our conscious desires.
Your face
Beaming in the twilight,
Burning of lips,
Emblazoned of auras,
Sunset in the dusk,
Loving in the hush.

Of dark, that petals the night
With tears
That cloak our years,
Sealing fate in a state
That we will have ourselves
Mourning overboard
With anchor, to let us loose
With deepest kisses.

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