Poem – “To a Heart you Ignore” – Romanticism – 6/3/2021

Tame the position
Of one beast who bottled
His sunshine in the hourglass,
While time kept us frozen
To observe the past.

You were to the world
All it aimed to ignore,
All death desired
To give birth to,
Upon the murky shore.

You live
To keep singing
Your pain, for the wilderness
Where isolation grows heaviest
Upon leaves made of your disease.

Why choose to forget?
Why choose to regret
The simple moments
That mattered more
Than any field with which
Your tremoring hands burned?

I loved among the apocalypse.
I showered the content of a heart,
As the world gave gifts of meteors,
Pleasant in the nighttime terrors.
I stoked what would remain,
As you led on, in pain.

Deep beneath your feet,
A heart lays shattered, in crystal dust.
Can you see your reflection
In each wasted fragment?

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