Poem #1,719 – “Your Face in the Clouds” – Love Poetry – 6/24/2021

Dreaming to your light
Upon a dim-lit night,
As your voice reaches arms around
This hollow form clinging to the ground.
I have slept upon your grave,
Hoping for a return
To the same salience –

In the same fame
Love inspired me to believe.
Though the Autumn leaves
Grow fainter, to our shame.

As tears comes to cultivate
A golden garden that decorates –

The life you left for me
To be one sobbing vein upon a heart,
Among all others that never start.

A fading place
Distorted from a tragic face –

A funeral that never left this mind
Swollen to the steps, behind.
I keep raining from your clouds
What keeps this sleep from its rouse.

When deep in these lakes
That never quenched a thirst,
I kept finding a home
Where your eyes were not alone –

A warm reflection that could not die
Even as it cried.

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