Poem #1,718 – “For you to Remember” – Love Poetry – 6/23/2021

Sing to me, next to me
All the faces collected for me
That each would not reside
As much as I have cried for thee –

Fountain-clogged steps in time,
With no future tears to spill
From eyes, wearied with the haste.
Tell me you remember to hide
When the final sound comes from behind.

You remain the tide curling to shatter
To the reflected shoreline,
Leaving a signature held to be mine.
One lost word to the distant Father.

We did love with nothing to forget,
While we swum deep in the other’s embrace.
We found oars that were lost,
Plodding towards a drowned sunrise
To see each other’s smile, for the cost –

That we could leave the world to waste,
Feeding upon the kiss and taste.

I want, and still yearn to keep
Your form near to me, folded in sleep.

I hope for the horizon to keep curving
For your smile to be the final mile.
I hope for the waters to soon lead me
To your arms, without swerving.
I hold what will keep me held,
Believing in everything felt.

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