Poem #1,729 – “For Lifted Wings” – Love Poetry – 7/5/2021

To kiss you, beneath faded brush,
As ice clings to mouth in hush.
Each cricket worships its sound,
Fading in a night of fireflies
While softness is to your porcelain flesh.

I would keep this embrace around
Until the dim apparent light
Will falter of the noon this night.

I would love to breathe
From the stars that never leave –

Journeying in your crying eyes,
As each ocean speaks for its demise.

You water the world about,
Floating as a cadaver without wings.
Still the kisses are laid heavy
To dispel each crystal doubt –

Stirring in the branding wind,
Burning faster than I can undress
You, to be free, among the arrangement
For wings taken from this heart.

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