Poem #1,730 – “Within every Season” – Love Poetry – 7/7/2021

For the crystal rush
You bend through, on the absent hush
Where love seems to die
In a weeping flurry
Upon the scent of what decayed,
During Autumn’s touch.
You fed the mile with a burn –

A terrible sequence, a harrowed turn
To distort the petals with your churn,
While veins are wrapped –

About your form, upon the scraps.
You will find the ocean
Closer in comfort, than the land.

Where eyes wander their univere
Upon your form, union in bliss –

Where teardrops are to every star,
As sands raise the war,
Stealing kisses in each faltering season
To arrive upon the reason
That your arms can guide –

The moon back to its origin
In design, while faces align under moonlight.
I can hear your kiss humming on
With fervor to the tragedy
Endeavored throughout empathy.

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